Rise of the Runelords

Wealday, Rova 11, 4707 AR
the ceremony
  • Lola wakes up in the Temple, having been healed.
  • She talks to the Father and tells him about Malfeshnekor; the Father says he will summon a paladin to their aid, but it could take a while. He warns Lola not to go back to Thistletop.
  • Lola buys a pretty white dress with blue floral sleeves from Rynnshinn
  • Lola sells off a lot of loot, and moves out of the Rusty Dragon back to her home.
  • The ceremony starts off in the town center and then migrates to the beach, where the bonfire is.
  • Hemlock says he will make sure Foxglove gets his horse back.
Toilday, Rova 10, 4707 AR
the return
  • Bright and sunny day. With Zegaya riding the horse, and Torben, Lola, Cadmael, Oren, and Rigel in the boat, the group makes it back to Sandpoint.
  • Cadmael and Torben bring Rigel to the Cathedral, with Lola following behind. Cadmael asks Zantus to give Rigel a proper ceremony, and to honor those who died in the Glassworks.
  • The group splits up, Lola and Zegaya remaining at the Cathedral to speak with Lyra and Vaars.
  • Lola and Zegaya drop Lola’s belongings off at Lola’s house then meet with Hemlock and Oren to inform the Sheriff of the raid on Thistletop. Hemlock gives them a bunch of gold and tells them to celebrate and spend every penny at the Rusty Dragon.
  • The Mayor gives Lola the bounty for killing Nualia and Tsuto, and Lola and Zegaya goes back to the Dragon. Lola gets hammered and goes to bed early when Zegaya takes her to the Cathedral for healing.
Moonday, Rova 9, 4707 AR
second raid on Thistletop
  • Clear day.
  • Lola sleeps in, but ultimately gets little sleep after being up so long. She decides to head to Savah’s to purchase some stronger armor. She purchases a new chain shirt, trading in her leather armor.
  • In Savah’s, she’s greeted by a half-orc, sent to her by Shalelu to join them on their quest. Lola shows Zegaya around town before returning to the Dragon.
  • Bethany makes a lovely dinner of curry shrimp as Lola spreads some equipment out on a table of the Rusty Dragon, hoping any of it is of use to the group. Vaars brings Lola a satchel full of potions. Lola promised to find him as soon as she returns. Over dinner, Torben reveals that he and Ameiko are lovers.
  • Cadmael introduces Rigel, who is accompanying the group to serve as a distraction while they get into Thistletop.
  • The group makes the journey to Thistletop, then parts ways with Rigel, who is supposed to light the pyre to create a distraction. The pyre never lights, and the group grows worried, approaching the bottom entrance, trying to remain hidden. Lola creates bunyip noises to distract the guards from their advance.
  • Inside Thistletop, the group first encounters ghost-like creatures, but they must fight their way through to get through the room. Lola, Zegaya, and Cadmael kill the beings, but they are sapped of strength.
  • They find a pillar illusioned to be a pillar of gold coins. Lola touched it, hearing a voice, asking her to free it. Closer inspection would reveal two slots the size of gold coins in the middle of the pillar, but Lola touched it no further.
  • The group finds Nualia in her study, unprepared for an attack! Nualia is with a hellhound which the group quickly slays. Though Nualia manages to shatter Torben’s blade, they are able to best Nualia quickly! Torben decapitates her, bringing her head along.
  • They are soon met by Bruthazmus, whom they quickly dispose of, and Orik, whom they send to fetch Tsuto. Orik betrays them and summons the troops of Thistletop, including Tsuto, who slits Rigel’s throat when he sees what the group did to Nualia. There are more hellhounds, a human wizard, a goblin shaman, and plenty of cowardly goblins. Tsuto tries to run, but the group catches up, and Cadmael pours an inhuman amount of flame into the man, slaying him at last.
  • Cadmael returns to the boat, exhausted. Oren stays with Rigel’s body while the rest explore the depths of Thistletop. They encounter horrible things and are filled with horrible dread. Lola recovers several books, a Sihedron medallion, as well as Nualia’s journal.
  • They find a horrible shrine to Lamashtu and it makes Lola sick to even be in the room.
  • Discover a harem of female goblins, locked in a room. Zegaya later finds the key, but they don’t open the room. Next is a goblin nursery— Torben does the nasty job of smashing all the eggs.
  • Found documents detailing the many plans Tsuto had to kill his father. Such ideas include slathering him in honey and putting him in a barrel of ants, or skinning him alive over several days.
  • Found a torture room, wherein corpses of goblins had been sucked flat, removed completely of their organs. At the upper entrance to Thistletop, they found more corpses like this— both goblin and otherwise.
  • The group found the horse of Aldern Foxglove, starved and abused by Tsuto, locked in a stable. Miraculously, Lola is able to cast a spell to allow them to talk with it. The group heals it up and Zegaya rides it home, while the others take the boat back.
Sunday, Rova 8, 4707 AR
  • Weary and worn thin, Lola makes her way from the docks to the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko is there, having recovered, and Lola and Cadmael inform Vaars of Lyra’s situation.
  • Torben and Lola (mostly Torben) update Ameiko on Tsuto’s status. They leave the journal with her to read overnight.
  • Lola awakens, having slept again in the Dragon, to a sunny day. She practices and maintains her instruments in a corner of the lobby, also teaching Torben what “angiosperm” means.
  • Lola and Cadmael travel to the Town Hall, noting the empty garrison, and speak with the Mayor. Lola asks for a bigger boat.
  • Lola speaks with Father Zantus in the Cathedral, who gives her words of encouragements, as well as an ornate healing wand and promises to send supplies to the Dragon before they embark again.
  • Lola spends the rest of the day at home, baking bread, a way to add stability or perhaps a reminder of the life she had that is now lost. She donates it all to the Cathedral, giving the clerics there a well-deserved good meal. It is a way to pay back the gift Zantus gave her.
  • Oren visits Lola at her home, asking about Foxglove. He claims someone tried to rob him with a dagger marked with the Foxglove seal, but Foxglove didn’t have the dagger with him the night of the trip to the Grove. The woman is subdued in Oren’s room at the Rusty Dragon, and Lola surmises she’s suffering from flayleaf withdrawals. Lola advises Oren to take her to the Cathedral.
  • At the Cathedral, Lola meets with Vaars and Lyra, who advises them on the other entrances to Thistletop:
  • Lyra revealed that Tsuto and Nualia planned to attack Sandpoint in 3 days. They kept her in a stable with a nobleman’s horse. Lola pays Vaars to create a potion that allows her to breath water.
  • The group agrees to leave for Thistletop again the next night.
  • Lola goes to the garrison to inform Hemlock of the plan, but she’s informed he’s in the southeastern part of town. She meets him coming out of the Boutique and informs him of the group’s plans.
  • Lola comes back to the Inn, ready for a strong drink after a busy day, but Torben and Ameiko are noticeably missing. She stays in the Rusty Dragon the rest of the night until she sleeps, playing her harp.
  • Lola learns that Kaldak is staying behind to help Zantus at the Cathedral.
Starday, Rova 7, 4707 AR
an uncertain victory
  • Stormy day. Lola wears cotton pants and a cotton tunic.
  • Lola wakes up in her bed, obviously placed there by someone from her drunken merriment the night before.
  • In the lobby, Gorvi greets her, asking her to come outside and look in his wheelbarrow. He gives her a chest containing Abbas’ belongings. Abbas died in a fight with an orc, where both opponents lost. Abbas left all his belongings to Lola.
  • The party begins the row in the rain towards Thistletop. Lola drums softly, keeping a beat with the oars. When they get to the bear’s den, Lola serves the group the food Beth had packed for them.
  • Passing a grotto, they encounter some sort of flame mage, rescuing him from the beasts that supposedly lurk inside. Cadmael agrees to join them in their quest against Thistletop. The party is deciding how to take Thistletop best when they encounter several goblins.
  • Lola decides to play her drums in battle and somehow, miraculously, summons a thundering gale, her entire body flashing with yellow energy, creating a blast of sonic energy!
  • A goblin tried to light a nearby pyre to alert Thistletop to their threat. A goblindog bit Lola and she could feel its bite creeping into her system, just as she was suddenly entangled by roots magically spreading from the ground. The group slayed most of the threat, but Cadmael removed his attention from a goblin spellcaster that managed to transforme itself into a giant vulture, flying to the safety of Thistletop!
  • The group approaches the bridge, trying to figure out how best to approach the situation. They find a human corpse close by, but neither Lola nor Shalelu can identify her.
  • As they attack Thistletop’s army from across the bridge, Tsuto drags Lyra into view, slitting her throat as Oren tries to reason with him. On Tsuto’s side is a male mercenary, a female wizard, two goblins, and a bugbear.
  • While the group take out many of the goblins, Lola hacks away at the rope bridge with her dagger, sending Ripnugget into the depths of the river below! The group retreats while they can!
  • The party holes itself away in the Howling Hole, hiding from the forces of Thistletop! Shalelu stays behind, trying to put Tsuto off the course of the party… while the party takes position on a ledge inside the Howling Hole, she is attacked by a hellhound, horrifically mauled! The cries of the hound send Lola into a frenzied panic, and she jumps off the ledge into the water. Shalelu’s body comes plummeting into the hole while Lola splashes about, drowning herself. Torben recovers Shalelu then assists Oren in recovering Lola.
  • The group makes it back to Sandpoint very late in the evening, almost early morning. Lyra and Nualia are taken to the White Ward. Lola returns to the Inn.
Fireday, Rova 6, 4707 AR
the last hurrah
  • Hazy, overcast day.
  • Lola arrived at the docks early to try to sell an ornate longsword— she managed to sell it for a hefty sum of 2,000 gold plus a cask of Salway wine, which she lugs back to the Rusty Dragon and gives to Bethany. Gives a third of the gold each to her companions.
  • Made plans to meet at the Dragon for lunch before going to see the Sheriff.
  • Lola leaves her drum with Abbas, asking him to practice so he can teach her.
  • Lola and Abbas take Pekala’s chest to Gorvi’s shack, asking him to dispose of it. Lola offers 4 gold, but Abbas interrupts and tells Gorvi to name his price.
  • Lola returns to the Rusty Dragon to await lunch and their scheduled meeting. A cleric of Sarenrae enters, offering his assistance. Vaars comes down, too, dealing with a hangover. There is a brief dispute with Kaldak and Abbas, who suspects the man of being a necromancer like Pekala was.
  • The five go to the garrison to meet with the Sheriff. Shalelu and Kaye are with him. Tsuto has Lyra hostage and the Sheriff had to leave half the garrison in Magnimar. Shalelu reveals that the goblin tribes are united by Ripnugget.
  • The group decides on the plan to kill Ripnugget, Tsuto, and Nualia. Shalelu and the Sheriff as the group to travel to Thistletop to do so. The sheriff suggests they do it in the morning, when it will be raining. They plan for Shalelu to scout ahead and to meet her in a cave at the end of the Turandurok. It was once a bear cave.
  • Lola, Abbas, and Vaars agree to get slizzered at the Rusty Dragon, and Lola drinks with Abbas, truly enjoying herself. This is the last time she saw Abbas alive.
  • Lola is very drunk with Vaars and Kaldak when they meet Oren, who agrees to join the group, whom Lola calls the Night Bats. Lola plunks out, asleep at the bar.
Oathday, Rova 5, 4707 AR
the horrors beneath Sandpoint
  • Cloudy day.
  • Lola stays again in the Rusty Dragon, happy to have a bed to sleep on but worried about the fate of Sandpoint.
  • Lola decides to take the chest found in the Mausoleum to Briskalbeard the locksmith. Within the chest are the bones of humanoids, many different sizes and shapes, all polished to a sickening sterility. Sitting atop these scattered arm, leg, and rib bones is a small skull, seemingly a human child’s, with two black gems in the eye sockets.
  • Lola, Torben, and Abbas prepare to head back to the Glassworks. Bethany packed them lunch!
  • Met Vaars outside the door to the Glassworks. Informed the group that Sandpoint is not the best place for Hemeron, so he and Tyra have left, and Vaars is lending a hand in cleaning out the Glassworks.
  • As they proceeded back into the dungeon beneath the Glassworks, they were met with more fleshy creatures! Lola shoots a bolt into her own foot. The group next encounters a goblin-like abomination. Vaars gives Torben a potion that turns him invisible!
  • Even after Abbas killed the goblin abomination, its wounds healed over and it came back! Fire seems to kill it for good.
  • Next came across a torture room with the 7-pointed star featured on a door.
  • The next room holds many pits, each of them containing something that was once a human, squatting in the darkness of the pit, it’s rotting flesh falling from its bones as it now roars to life, grabbing for him and moaning wildly.
  • Encounter a spherical room filled with evil magic in which they float when they enter. Abbas finds a book written in Abyssal filled with various torture techniques for different races. They try to destroy it with Spark, but it won’t light left whole— they rip the pages out and light them individually.
  • They next encounter a room with containment cells, containing deformed human skeletons: one with an extra left arm growing out from the socket, one with single eye in his warped skull, looking like a mythical cyclops, and one lacking a neck and with its barrel-like rib cage connected to its squat pelvic bone.
  • They come to a room with a fountain and are attacked by a vargouille! Torben manages to slice it to its death.
  • They next encounter a room with a demonic altar and are attacked with another flesh monster. Abbas snaps its neck and rends its spine!
  • The next room has a large pool in the middle of it and a pulpit that features a fountain filled with churning, bubbling water. Found an imp-like winged demon within! It seemed to summon monsters and disappear into thin air. It chomped down on Lola’s windpipe. It seemed to fear the pool in the room. Lola killed it with a cold iron bolt!
  • The group had enough for one day and returned to the Rusty Dragon. They settled in for a drink and were greeted by Shalelu entering the Dragon. Informed the group Hemlock will expect them tomorrow morning.
  • Torben asked Lola about a place to purchase a book.
  • Lola doesn’t sleep, staying up all night in the library, studying orc drumming.
Wealday, Rova 4, 4707 AR
exploration of the Glassworks
  • Cloudy day; the day is cooler as autumn sets in. Lola wears a similar cotton dress, having washed the one from the day before.
  • Bethany returns to the Inn in the early morning, relieving Lola of her duties. Beth cooks up a good meal, and the group, including Hemeron, meets in the lobby, eating happily.
  • Lola goes to discuss the situation with the mayor. The mayor implores her to keep the situation secret to the townspeople to not cause a panic.
  • The townsguard is a skeleton crew, with most of them with Hemlock in Magnimar.
  • The rest go to guard the Glassworks. The group is appalled when Lola says they can’t let the town know about what’s happening. They head back inside, the stench of the bodies growing greater. The group explores each room of the Glasswork, looking for clues. They found all the employees of the Glasswork slain in their sleep. In an office of sorts beneath the building, they find Tsuto’s journal:
  • Abbas recognized the name Lamashtu and warned the group she is someone to be feared terribly.
  • It seems Tsuto used the caverns beneath the glassworks to sneak goblins into the town. The group walks the length of a smuggler’s tunnel, finding nothing of significance. However, they do find an offshoot of the tunnel that looks to have been bricked up at one time, but is now knocked down and opened up.
  • In this offshoot, they meet several terrible flesh creatures! The group defeated them, but Torben especially wanted to return to the town to rest. Lola protested, but Hemeron alerted the attention of another flesh creature, one that Torben quickly slices in two.
  • The group finds a red-tinted room containing a beautiful statue holding a ranseur.
  • Moving on, the group encountered a room with cells— like a prison. It was filled with more fleshy abominations.These are fierce and there are many close calls but the group eventually retreats back to the town, desperately needing rest. One had crushed Lola’s arm, rendering it useless. They find town guards cleaning up the bodies in the Glassworks.
  • Outside, a grieving couple asked for details of Lonjiku’s death, but the group could tell them very little. A crowd gathered outside the Town Hall, looking for answers, but Lola, Torben, and Abbas went inside without saying anything. The mayor had informed the people of Lonjiku’s death.
  • The mayor revealed Tsuto’s “love” is Nualia Tobyn, who was thought to have died in the Sandpoint Fire. The fire on Festival Day was started as a distraction for Nualia to get ahold of Tobyn’s bones so the aasimar could transform herself into demon.
  • Mayor Deverin granted the group access to the town armory.
  • Hemeron and Tyra disappeared when the group came back outside.
  • Lola was taken to the White Ward to have her arm healed. She was given sedatives and was very loopy, but is patched up quickly. She speaks with Zantus, who tries to reassure her she can save the town, that she’s strong enough.
Toilday, Rova 3, 4707 AR
slaying Pekala and uncovering the Glassworks
  • Rainy day. Lola wore a simple blue cotton dress, workwear for her.
  • The party returned back to Sandpoint around sunrise. Lola was thoroughly exhausted from the day’s and night’s activities. The party is escorted to the Cathedral, where they leave Foxglove to get medical attention.
  • Ameiko is absent from the inn.
  • Lola promptly went to sleep and awoke in the early evening. The group met in the Dragon for dinner, and Shalelu came to talk with them at the inn (Tyra had gone to talk with the Mayor, who sent Shalelu). Shalelu requested the group talk with them at the Garrison, and informed them Hemlock left for Magnimar that morning.
  • The group followed Shalelu to the garrison, pelted with rain. She asked the group for help, saying that the title of “deputy” given to them is not an obligation to stay: “Already, that… blighted one that came in with you has crept off somewhere. He was born of evil and evil festers still in him. I saw it in his eyes there in the Town. I called you here because I do not trust him.” —Shalelu
  • Shalelu is alarmed by five tribes of goblins working together. She shows the group a map with areas marked: various caves in the Devil’s Platter range, a large forested area in the Shank’s Wood, much of Mosswood and Brinestump, and finally several question marks and Druidic runes scribbled around the Nettlewood coast— several areas where their power is consolidated the strongest. There’s several tribes all around Sandpoint.
  • “And judging by the nature of the attack, the amount of stealth necessary… We have to consider the goblins had outside help… from an inside source.” —Shalelu. She thinks it could be Bruthazmus, but doesn’t think he knows Sandpoint enough to mount an attack of this scale. The goblins focused their attacks from the North, particularly on the temple. Shalelu had interrogated a goblin who revealed they were in cohorts with a longshank, but it died before it could give names.
  • The group told Shalelu about the lizardmen; she does not think they would work with the goblins. Shalelu left for the Grove to investigate the lizardmen.
  • Zantus met the group at the garrison, alarmed at Pekala’s behavior, as there’s been reports of Pekala graverobbing. Said he can be seen at the Stoneblood Mausoleum at night, and Zantus asked the group to guard the Mausoleum and catch Pekala in the act.
  • Met with Naffer in the Boneyard, where the group planned to surprise Pekala and ambush him by hiding in the Mausoleum and in various points in the Graveyard. Lola wandered into the Mausoleum to find Pekala, mid-prayer,* two skeletal humans* decked in guardsman armor standing watch over him. Lola played her harp for the party to focus on, because Pekala was trying to steal their souls! He began to steal Tyra’s soul, copying her form, but Torben decapitated him! Abbas found a tunnel dug into the wall of the crypt, where they found a mysterious chest. The group decided to take it back to the locksmith.
  • Lola returned to the Red Dragon and talked with Bethany about Ameiko’s whereabouts. Lola initially suspected Ameiko of leading the attack, but Bethany was strongly against that notion.
  • Lola headed to bed, but Bethany came to visit her at her door, timidly asking for Lola to look around in Ameiko’s room. Lola found a letter Tsuto wrote her, telling her to meet him at the Glassworks, that their father is in trouble and has something to do with the goblin raid:

“Hello, sis, I hope this letter finds you well, and with some free time on your hands, because we’ve got something of a problem. It’s to do with father. Seems that he might have had something to do with Sandpoint’s recent troubles with the goblins, and I didn’t want to bring the matter to the authorities because we both know he’d just weasel his way out of it. You’ve got some pull here in town, though. If you can meet me at the Glassworks at midnight tonight, maybe we can figure out how to make sure he faces the punishment he deserves. Knock twice and then three times more and then once more at the delivery entrance and I’ll let you in. In any case, I don’t have to impress upon you the delicate nature of this request. If news got out, you know these local rubes would assume that you and I were in on the whole thing too, don’t you? They’ve got no honor at all around these parts. I still don’t understand how you can stand to stay here. Anyway, don’t tell anyone about this. There are other complications as well, ones I’d rather talk to you in person about tonight. Don’t be late.”
— Tsuto

  • Lola woke Abbas and Torben and they decided to go to the Glassworks to find Ameiko. They meet Tyra and a ratfolk plague doctor there. The Glassworks was active, rare for that time of night. The group managed their way in by breaking a window and were met by goblins inside!
  • The glassworks was absolutely wrecked, covered with the blood and entrails of all its employees. The goblins were wearing oversized human workboots.
  • Abbas cast Spark on Lola’s crossbow bolt for some reason, and it burnt up.
  • Lola played Wren’s funeral song for the first time in 7 years when she saw the magnitude of the slaughter inside the Glassworks. Body parts seemed to have been dipped in glass and left to cool, hopefully while the person was already dead. Aside from that, glass has been rubbed into some of the flesh, and then hacked at with a knife — a truly goblin attempt at making the human equivalent of hamburger. The person’s eyeballs have been gouged out, fingernails ripped out, and various other atrocities…
  • Tsuto seemed to be leading the goblins against the party.
  • Found the body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, the patriarch of the Kaijutsu Clan, strapped to a chair, his entire body coated with sheets of glass. No medical knowledge is necessary to wager how painful it must have been to have molten glass heaped on him until he died. All that remains is a piece of gruesome “art” left on display as an exhibition of one man’s hate.
  • Tsuto escapes them, fleeing from the Glassworks. The group explores the carnage of the Glassworks further, finding some sort of excavation beneath the building. They were attacked by a goblin that seemed to be waving around Ameiko’s arm! They quickly killed the goblin and recovered Ameiko, who was dying close by. Torben miraculously took care of Ameiko, keeping her alive long enough to take her to the White Ward.
  • All the Glassworks doors are locked from the outside, so Tsuto must have come into the Glassworks from some other way.
  • Lola heads back to the Rusty Dragon while the others take Ameiko to the Cathedral. Bethany leaves Lola in charge of the Inn while she goes to see Ameiko. Lola falls asleep behind the bar of the Dragon.
Moonday, Rova 2, 4707 AR
the excursion to The Grove
  • Cloudy day; waxing moon.
  • Lola awoke to bad dreams, in the room she stayed in the Rusty Dragon. Found a note under her door from Tyra, asking Lola to wake her. Lola offered to show Tyra around town so Tyra could escape Aldern for the day.
  • While the group was breakfasting, Gorvi appeared to deliver gifts and gold to the group:
    Torben → masterwork handaxe
    Tyra → ball of twine
    Lola → rainmaker drum
    Pekala → copper bookplate, “Dedicated to the best husband I could ask for”
    Abbas → dark green cloak
  • Abbas got worked up, recalling his favorite orc chant, and Pekala waltzed into the Rusty Dragon waving around a human femur. Bethany called the Town Guard, worried that Pekala was a necromancer trying to summon a man who was apparently killed yesterday, a fisherman who suffered a critical wound from one of the goblins dropping a crate on his head— the owner of the copper bookplate.
  • The group, sans Pekala, who stayed behind, travelled to the Grove with Aldern and his assistant Milo, arriving an hour after sundown. Aldern and Tyra went to the hunting platform, while Abbas revealed himself to be a half-orc.
  • Aldern stabbed in the back and Tyra stabbed in the leg by javelins thrown by a lizardman. They seemed to be infected by a fungus. Milo healed Tyra, but Aldern was gravely wounded. Abbas recovered a healing wand used by the lizardmen, which Lola used to help.
  • The party decided to return to Sandpoint post-haste to seek treatment for Aldern. It takes all night.

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